Industrial Filters

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Industrial filters need to be of a certain quality that cannot be compromised. Care must be taken in their manufacture to achieve that quality of construction, and the resulting quality of their performance, as well.

As for the performance resulting from quality of construction and manufacture, recent innovations have boosted performance in both the work performed, and in the energy savings resulting from the use of these innovations.

Industrial Air Filters…

For example, in the case of industrial air filters; constructing filters in a circular tube-knit fashion, which is to say that the end product is without seams, eliminates the possibility of leak points in the filter material itself.

Another example, in innovative filter fabric textiles, is the use of “loop pile” surfaces which enhance permeability, thus reducing drop pressure conditions, while also boosting the filtration efficiencies to be up to 99.99%.

The increased efficiency of such innovations translates also into increased energy savings, due to the ease of load upon the equipment behind the air filters themselves, as well as the smoothness of the flow of  the work performed by such equipment, which in turn, also translates into less maintenance issues.

Industrial Water Filters…

Industrial water filters, whether used for commercial water purification purposes or as whole house water filters, must also have the same amount of innovative efficiency, creating less maintenance issues and higher energy efficiency for the equipment involved in water filtering. If you need replacement water filters, using products representing the current state-of-the-art can greatly improve the performance of your whole filtration system.

Paper Filters…

Paper filters for just about any purpose may be acquired quite easily and for minimal cost. They can be found in many types and can serve a multitude of purposes ranging from roll media for coolant filtration, to plate and frame filters pre-cut for plate and frame presses, to filters for edible oils, such as those used by restaurants and other vendors in the food industry.

Cartridge Filters…

Cartridge filters, much like the type you use when you change the oil filter in your car, are most often of the type to be multi-pleated for maximum filtering surface area exposure. Whether for commercial, industrial or other use, they must be designed to withstand rigorous conditions, and thus made from the highest quality materials to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

For various applications, such as air filtration for example, where grain loadings are low, paper elements are used with an inner expanded metal column for structural integrity. For other applications where grain loadings may be high, or where environments are harsh, wherein moist, sticky or abrasive materials must be filtered, fabric elements may be used – such as those utilizing Polyester, Polypropylene and/or Nomex Needlefelts.