Postech Metal Foundations

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Start off on a solid foundation with Postech, Canada’s leader in the augured pile industry.

With over fifteen years of experience, innovation, performance and leadership in the field, Postech piles offer simplicity of design – the piles are basically large galvinized steel screws which come equipped with fixed or adjustable heads, providing efficient load-bearing support for any structure.

Installed below the frost line, they guarantee outstanding stability for whatever structure you build atop them.

Utilizing an adaptable auger driver driven by a mini excavator, piles are quickly and easily installed by screwing the piles directly into the ground.

Extremely manageable, this system can access any kind of terrain with minimal ground disturbance, with the simple accuracy and stability as a power driver sending a drywall screw through plywood. Postech piles are quick, clean and easy to install, as well as highly affordable.

Whether you want to erect a patio, carport, home extension project, sunroom, gazebo or cottage, you can begin building upon Postech piles immediately after installation.

Postech Pile Advantages

  • quickly and easily installed
  • cause minimal ground disturbance
  • can be used immediately after installation
  • can be installed under existing structures
  • variable lengths are adjustable
  • can be installed anytime, regardless of weather conditions
  • over 40 dealers and distributors coast to coast throughout Canada
  • Postech piles are proudly made in Canada

Always innovating continuously to stay ahead of cutting-edge technology, Postech remains the Canadian leader of the industry through dilligence in pushing the envelope towards beter and better product designs. Acknowledging ever-present weather changes, Postech has concieved a stronger, more stable, thermal galvanized steel pile. The special insulation system stabilizes the internal temperature of the pile, guarding against in-ground pile movement due to frost accumulation. This system keeps such accumulation in check by preventing frost and ice from forming at the base of the pile, eliminating ground motion caused by frost.

Start off on a solid foundation with Postech, Canada’s leader in the augured pile industry.

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