Sunrooms and Gazebos


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Sunrooms, also called garden rooms, conservatories or solariums, are fairly much all the same, but can summon different images due to the different functionality they can all employ.

For example, the terms “sunroom” and “solarium”  are pretty much synonymous, and are easily enough understood as extended room additions which are housed in glass or other clear medium (most often of a UV ray filtering quality), in order to enjoy the sunlight and further bring in more natural light into the home.

The term “conservatory”, very often used in Europe and throughout the United Kingdom (though also in many areas of North America), tends to mean more than the above explanation of a sunroom, in that many homeowners often use these spaces, among other reasons, to keep care of rare and attention-needing, perhaps even fragile, garden plants. Some sunroom designs can be set up as fully functional, home-attached greenhouses, depending on daily sunshine exposure.

Many homeowners who indulge in gardening often take plants indoors to withstand the colder months of the year, to then be later placed back outdoors, warmer seasons permitting – thus, “conservatory”. Perhaps more often, conservatories are used to house such plants and flowers permanently indoors, while still being able to take in the all-surrounding sunlight of the day. The term “garden room” is synonymous in this regard.

However, whether they be sunrooms, conservatories, solariums or garden rooms, these types of room additions to a home are increasing in popularity among home owners for a number of reasons, the most important perhaps being their versatility of functionality, especially as sunroom designs can vary according to individual tastes. Some examples may include;

Some Sunroom Ideas…

A sunroom can allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without actually being outside. Perhaps it’s a sunny day, and a family may wish to enjoy a mid-day meal out on the patio, but the weather may be too hot or humid to be comfortable. In a sunroom, a family can enjoy a mid-day meal together while enjoying the clear sky and sunshine of the outdoors, but still be bathed in the comfortable air conditions of the indoors of the rest of the home – and without mosquitoes.

Perhaps you and your loved one might decide to enjoy a quiet, candle-lit dinner beneath the night-time sky, under the stars above. In this instance, a solarium can be useful even with no sun in the sky. Now you can enjoy a dinner under the stars, safely tucked away from any night-time chills, backyard insects, or sudden breezes that may blow out the candles – what’s more is that you can enjoy a bit of dinner music to set any mood without disturbing any neighbors.

Another use to enjoy is simply a quiet space to do some work – perhaps on a laptop pc, with a bit of afternoon tea, in the relaxing and serene surroundings of sunlight and plants, maybe with a bit of soft-playing instrumental music in the background, away from all other distractions, in your quiet home office with a brilliant view.

Some homeowners who have children find that such room additions make for wonderful, healthy, sun-filled play areas for their children, which also helps to keep the livingroom space free to be useful for other things than a space for scattered toys and the loud sounds of playful children (bless them).

Increasingly popular among sunroom ideas is the use of such a space as a spa – a place for a hot tub as well as some potted and hanging plants… the plants and flowers create a blissfully stress-relieving atmosphere, and the heat and light steam of the hot tub with the sunlight pouring in is brilliant for the flora and foliage of the plants. Can you imagine the sense of paradise? Now envision the same thing at night-time, amid some small, scattered dim lights, with a loved one and a bottle of champagne or fine wine, with some soft music in the background, all under a blanket of stars. Sounds quite appealing, yes?

There are many other uses for such room additions, but one very beneficial reason to have one is the increase in property value that sunrooms can represent. It’s quite a unique endeavor to raise the value of one’s home, in that the cost to create one, depending on the types of sunroom designs used, can be vastly lower than any other type of room addition – and the resulting space is often quite considerably more value raising than any other type of addition to the home as well. Having a sunroom attached to a home is an enormously valuable feature in just about any home that has one in today’s market.


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Gazebos can come in a variety of designs, as well as a variety of how they are built and structured as far as the materials used in their construction. There are those that are permanent, and constructed of lumber, and there are also those which are more temporary structures, comprised of aluminum frames and covered over with canvas or other materials, and are quite take-downable and portable, as everything involved in the structure can be taken around by vehicle, whether on the roof rack or in the trunk or back seat.

Canopy Gazebo – Various Gazebo Canopy Types…

Some gazebos are a mix of the two, being permanent structures of lumber, but with a canvas canopy that can be taken down for more of an open deck type of experience. The canopy gazebo is a very popular type, as gazebo canopies can be changed from one design or pattern to another, in order to accommodate varying themes or different events. You might use one gazebo canopy for every day, while using another for special occasions, or yet another gazebo canopy for certain, more specific events.

Replacement Gazebos…

If you have a gazebo that has seen a great many years and is falling to disrepair, you might wish to find a gazebo replacement. In such a case, you may wish to consider what type of gazebo you wish to have to replace the former one. What are your specific needs? Will you opt for using a transparent canopy, even extending it down the sides, for a separate sunroom, or classy greenhouse? Perhaps you want a sturdy, solid, permanent roof? Will you be entertaining guests for parties, lunches or barbecues? Will you need a place for a playing band while you host a large, outdoor family reunion in your back yard? Will you be hosting an outdoor, evening wine tasting party? First consider your needs and desires, then consider the options available to you.